Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Juggy & Jin – East meets East

Khol Aaja (Come closer) - when China meets India

Words by Ashanti OMkar (
Photos by Amit Amin (

What do you get when UK's most successful Punjabi artiste collaborates with China's biggest US Rap import? Well, if this was the burning question on your lips, the time has come to see this happen in reality! 2point9's Juggy D and Ruff Ryder's (home to DMX, Eve, Jadakiss) Jin have come together to do just this, by East meeting East, in a battle of musical styles - the world is getting smaller and smaller and people's minds are opening up to embrace new things, this is definitely one of them.

Kohl Aaja (Come closer) is going to be part of Juggy's D's revamped and repackaged album, which is bound to drum up even more interest that it did the first time round. Rishi Rish, the master producer has worked his magic into producing this track, where Jin raps over Juggy's familiar lyrics and vocal prowess and this is bound to be one of the biggest highlights of Juggy's re-jigged album, which includes hit tracks like 'Billo' and Sohniye'.

Juggy D's credentials span a long list - from being a Top 20 Best Seller in HMV on the week of release of is debut self titled album, Juggy D, making him the 1st Punjabi artiste to make the UK Top 75 Album chart, to being the 1st Punjabi artiste to perform live on CD:UK, MTV Base and Top of the pops, to co-hosting Rishi Rich's Kiss 100 FM radio show, to touring the world, feeling love from fans from USA, Canada, India, Kenya, most of Europe and reaching as far as Australia, to being featured on remix tracks of some of the world's biggest selling artistes, like Craig David, Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, Timbaland & Ricky Martin. In terms of amazing feats, Juggy's energetic dancing and tremendously powerful vocal skills put him at the forefront of British Asian artistes. A Mumbai A Lister, Juggy also has a part in the Bollywood movie “KYA KOOL HAI HUM”, alongside his 2point9 crew, Rishi Rich, Jay Sean and Veronica.

The video for 'Kohl Aaja', which was shot at London location, Elephant and Castle, has been making it's rounds on BC2’s CBBC “Dance factory”, MTV Base Lounge, Channel U’s “Ace n Viz show” and many more channels, as well as being play listed on Choice FM. Juggy and Jin also filled out Cirque nightclub (formerly the world famous Hippodrome) in London's premier Leicester Square location, with a show that was filled with action. With Jin wearing an Indian flag and Juggy wearing a Chinese flag and respectively dancing with girls from their mirroring Eastern countries and made it a show to remember, although it was for a short amount of time. Fellow 2point9'ers Veronica and Jay Sean also took part and got the very mixed crowd of Asians (Indian and Chinese), Black and White revelers dancing the night away.

How did this very unique collaboration come about?

JIN – When I first came to London to do some promo for my album ‘Learn Chinese’ and to do a couple of shows, my label wanted me to hook up with some UK artists. So they hooked Rishi Rich and me up, and then I went into the studio with him. That day I also done a track with Jay Sean and re-worked Juggy’s ‘Dil De Rani’, which is now ‘Kohl Aaja’ (Come Closer), our new track.

Jin, do you/have you ever had an interest in South Asian music?

JIN - Yeah definitely, I like all kinds of music. In the states, there is not one particular outlet for this type of music (in terms of one main radio or TV station) but I had heard it, I had stumbled upon it. Like when you watch movies and you see the Indian influence in the background, with the soundtracks and stuff.

Juggy - your 1st collaboration with a Ruff Ryders signing - what's it like and how do you feel your fans will perceive it?

JUGGY – I think it’s a great move working with Jin. Not only is he a great Hip Hop artist, he is also from an established camp. I think the whole East Meets East thing has worked really well, featuring Indian and Chinese on one track is different. I think the fans will feel the same way as I do, ‘Dil De Rani’ was a big track off my album, so we just switched it up a little with Jin on it to make it a wider and more universal track.

What do you think of each other's very varying styles?

JIN – It’s hot, I can listen to Kohl Aaja a million times and I love the way Juggy sounds, his tones etc. Even when I didn’t understand what he was talking about, I was still feelin’ it.

JUGGY – Same here, when I got to the studio and heard what they had done with Jin on ‘Dil De Rani’, it was HOT. We even know each other’s bits of the track now!

How easy/hard was it, to fuse your vastly different backgrounds, into making something that is seamless in it's sound?

JIN – I wouldn’t really say it was easy or hard really – we are just making music. It naturally relates to our backgrounds because we are who we are.

You have definitely done some magic between 2 cultures, where many a
boundary exists - how do you feel about this and have you have any feedback
so far about the fact that 2 races have come together musically, in a very
unique, urban fashion?

JUGGY - Thank you. We love the fact that it’s the first time that this has happened, the whole bringing together of an American Chinese artist and a British Artist is different and it’s always nice to be different.

JIN – Yeah this collaboration is hot, and so is bringing cultures together, especially if it’s though music. The best thing is, it works. When we done a show at Cirque, we had Chinese fans, Indian fans, white fans and black fans all partying together, that’s what its all about, bringing people together.

Jin - you are a new face to the UK, what do you think so far and do you
feel being featured with a well known artiste like Juggy will improve your
growing profile?

JIN – Well I love the UK vibe. Its funny as when I was little, I never really thought of the UK, only the US and going back to Hong Kong (where my parents are from). So when I first came, I didn’t know what to expect and so it was a genuine experience. Working with someone like Juggy over here is great as we are able to tap into each others fans, I’m just hoping he’s not gonna steal all my female fans from me, if he does, I’m taking all of his and I know he has a lot.

Kohl Aaja (Come closer) - tell us more about it, lyrically, how you got the
words to intertwine and when it will be out on Juggy's album. Will it also
be on Jin's album?

JIN – As I said, I was in the studio with Rishi (Rich) and we were messing with a couple of records. When Rishi played ‘Dil De Rani’ my initial reaction was like ‘that’s hot’ and he seemed eager that was the one too. So I asked him to break down what Juggy was singing about and of course it’s about females so I just ran with it. Even before they told me what he was singing, I knew it was sexy from the beat so I continued with the vibe that I wanted to maintain.

JUGGY – yeah it will be on my album, which is being re-packaged with Kohl Aaja (come closer), which is out in May.

JIN – There are no plans to put it on my current album as it is already out, but we are definitely gonna be dropping it on mix-tapes and who knows if it goes on another album.

Any messages to your UK fans about this track and about your stage appearance together, at Cirque?

JIN – Yeah, the shoe was definitely hot – you’re mad if you missed it! Nah thanks for all the support and keep on! Make sure you check the video and request the track.

JUGGY – Yeah the show was fun and historical – if you missed it, you can always check out the video for ‘Kohl Aaja’ which is out on music channels on April 16th and you can listen to the track on radio now (Club Asia, Sunrise, Choice FM and others). Oh and don’t forget my album, which will feature the track out on May 2nd. Keep supporting.

JIN – YEE DEEM GOW (that’s 2point9 in Chinese for all of you who don’t know!)